My 1953 Commemorative Edition Corvette Story


Larry Bjurlin - Phoenix, AZ

    In Jan of 2002 when Auto Week had the article on the CE and that it would not be offered by GM, I immediatly called AAT on a Sunday morning.

    Much to my surprise Steve answered the phone; we talked about the project and on blind faith, not knowing anything about Steve or AAT, I found a white/red 02 in Wisconsin on Monday, sitting on the showroom floor.  I called Steve back; Steven then drove to pick at up, at no charge as I recall, and we were in business!

    It was the first new one that they did.

    Charlie Daniels (53CE #2) must have called about the same time.  We were both going to pick them up on Memorial Day but my schedule did not permit me to be there until July 4th, 2002.

    In July 2004 I had it shipped back to Steve for a face-lift inside & out.  They also did some updates that are now standard.

    When we picked it up in '02, we stopped at the Corvette Museum; they had not seen one, so they sent a photgrapher out to take pics but they never sent them to me.

    In Memphis the United Council of Corvette Clubs happened to be having their annual meeting and had the streets blocked off for the event which we fell into.  They treated us like royalty and had a blast with them showing it off that evening.

    We then stopped to see Charlie Daniels in Albuquerque and again had a great time meeting him; thus the trip to Monterey, in August '02.

    Watch this space!

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