Our 1953 Commemorative Edition Corvette Story


Larry & Debbie Bell - New Castle, IN

    I have owned every generation of Corvette thru the years....in the spring of 2001 I purchased this car for my wife for her 50th birthday....she had an identical 2000 that I sold after the 2001 arrived....I had seen pix of the 53CE on several magazines but gave up hope of ever owning one....thought GM would never make it....being a member of Viper and Prowler clubs, I am on the various message boards daily.....found out the 53CE was a reality from a post on the Prowler Message Forum....a fellow member had taken some pictures of one at a show and posted them....I followed up immediately and contacted AAT about the details...I had a 2003 Viper SRT being customized at Autoform in Holland, Mi. last winter, so when I went to visit the Viper, we crossed over to Detroit for the auto show and a visit to AAT.....I knew instantly I had to have one of these....my wife liked the car so well she volunteered her 2001....I got on the list and we delivered her car in Sept 2003....her car is number 52 for her 52nd birthday, (although a little late)....I also just purchased a 50th Anniversary Vette convertible for the next 53CE....it is going to be a VERY different (not stock) color combo....can't wait to see it done too......I have visited AAT and Steve 3 times this last year and continue to be totally impressed with their work.....

    Here's our Donor C5:

    ..and here are two in-process pictures:

    The car (I know you're wondering) will be white (not yellow)!

    Update: November 21, 2003

    The work continues:

    Update: December 9, 2003

    The 1953 CE was delivered the night of Dec. 9, 2003......my wife Debbie's first comment was "the interior sure is bright".....the car has received a tremendous response from everyone that has seen it; it has only traveled about 100 miles since its return....it gets as much attention as a UFO.......unfortunately, the weather has been unkind since the return and the Vette is waiting for all the snow, ice, sand and salt to leave the roads in Indiana.....spring will be here..................sometime.................

    Update: October 15, 2005

    In addition to the CE our collection includes Prowlers and Vipers.  Last summer the CE was invited to be displayed (along with one of our Vipers and one of our Prowlers) in at an open house at the local Chrysler plant.  This was the first time (ever) that a Corvette had been inside the buildings -- the oldest Chrysler plant in the world:

      Watch this space!

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